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An active and overt security presence is highly effective in keeping your business, venue, or event safe. Ultimate Protection is very proud to provide premium Uniformed Security Officers who are recruited via an exacting selection process and trained to the highest standards.  

The Importance of Security Guards

Many people are now relying on Professional Security Companies to ensure their business operation, event, or function is not marred by theft, intoxication, drug use, or otherwise antisocial behaviour on the part of patrons, customers, invitees, or uninvited guests. 

Security Officers perform a crucial Public Relations role.  Having a neatly-dressed uniformed Security Officer onsite or at your event gives you peace of mind and is encouraging for your clientele and guests. As a result, everyone feels safer and more comfortable, particularly in crowded situations and in circumstances where antisocial behaviour is more likely to occur. 

Additionally, in most Australian states, it is now a requirement for a liquor license that you employ licensed Security Officers to ensure the safety and well being of the public.

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Uniformed Officers at Ultimate Protection

Our uniformed Security Officers are recruited selected based upon an array of factors and this includes relevant police checks, literacy standards, probity clearance, and reference checking. 

We provide professional guards and security officers to fill an array of roles for venues and occasions including:

When you hire a uniformed Security Officer from Ultimate Protection, you are guaranteed an unparalleled level of service and professionalism. We have what it takes to offer better protection of your assets, employees, patrons, customers, and guests.

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