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In today’s world, crime is unfortunately on the rise. Whether your investment is commercial or residential, it’s critically important that it is protected.

Consistency and speed are crucial to mobile patrols and alarm response, however appearing unpredictable to threats is, in practice, also a key to maintaining the most effective security patrolling. Random Patrols are the solution that provides you with peace of mind and keeps intruders away.

Ultimate Protection provides Mobile Patrols that place a uniformed Security Officer on your premises up to 4 times per night. These random Patrols are a very effective way to keep potential intruders, vandals, and thieves off your premises.

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Security Patrol Services

We offer a range of Mobile Patrol services to meet your needs. These are adaptable to your budget and unique requirements, providing a visible security presence to deter threats.

Ultimate Protection can tailor a service that suits your individual needs, from a single lock-up check per night to as many Patrols as you require. We provide what it takes to ensure the integrity of your home or business and protect against breach of its security.

To ensure efficiency, all of our Patrol vehicles are equipped with GPS Tracking. This also means that we can provide with you the time when a Patrol check was undertaken, so you are assured of our integrity and attention.

Internal checks

Our Mobile Patrolman physically enters your premises to check:

External check

Our Mobile Patrolman may be required to check:

Intermediate check 

This involves a combination of our Internal & External checks.  Our Mobile Patrolman may be required to perform a fence check, and then enter a gate to check a building or shed. This type of check is ideal to confirm breach has not occurred for Building sites, Industrial sites, Temporary Construction sites, and Road works sites.

Spotlight / Drive-by Check

In this type of check, the Patrolman would be required to check that gates are closed, the integrity of fences, whether security lights are functioning, and if any vehicles are present on site.

Alarm Response

Speed and reliability of response are of paramount importance and this is our commitment to you. In the event that your alarm is triggered, you can choose to have one of our Patrol cars attend. We can perform either an external check or an internal check as you prefer, to ensure your property is secure and its security has not been breached.

Nobody wants to be disturbed and need to get out of bed at 2 or 3 in the morning and drive to work! Let Ultimate Protection & Security take the stress out of checking your alarm activation. Our patrolman will check your premises and if they identify any issues (e.g. a break-in), the patrolman will immediately contact the Police as well as you.

Per our commitment to you, we provide solutions to secure your premises or property and we have the flexibility to deliver this service within your budget and to best suit your needs. Contact us today to discover more about how Ultimate Protection can serve you.

Security Patrol - Deter Thieves and Vandals

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