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While security alarm and CCTV systems play a significant role in the protection of your business premises and your home, additional perimeter security measures may be required in business establishments that require a higher level of security.  As such, there are numerous Detection Devices that mitigate the threat of intrusion.

Detection Devices

By installing high-security detection devices such as Motion Detectors, breach detectors, and laser beam detection devices, you can not only keep potential intruders at bay, but also alert monitoring service providers instantly of a breach so that security officers or the police can be called in to attend promptly, increasing the potential for the intruder to be disturbed, identified, and prosecuted. 

Detection Devices are not only for mitigating the risks of intrusion. There are also Detection Devices available for the detection of fire, an open window, water leaks, and smoke. These are all incidents that can place your business, property, and personnel at risk. 

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At Ultimate Protection and Security, we provide and install an array of security solutions in terms of Detection Devices, including:

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